Aren Loan Calculator

Aren loan calculator is software which can be used to calculate estimated monthly installment payments for a given loan principal amount.

How Aren loan calculator works 

Aren loan calculator

This software works by depending on the loan information you'll provide which include the principal amount,number of monthly payments and the loan interest rate. 

After you provide the above information about your loan, aren calculator will then provide you with the calculated monthly payment amount.

The calculator assumes monthly payments start from the first month after loan approval and the installment amount is constant throughout the loan repayment duration. 

There's an official loan calculator by the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) which is called Cost of Credit if you're interested to have a look.

Aren loan Calculator Example 

I didn't a test to the aren loan calculator software and this is what I got. 
I provide the following information; 

Loan amount : KES 10,000

Annual interest rate (%) : 120

Number of Monthly payments: 12 

The results were as follows in the screenshot below; 

Aren loan calculator screenshot

Aren Loan Calculator Customer care Contacts 

Titan Complex, Chaka Road, Nairobi

 020 2018930,

 0733 861553


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