How to Report Unregulated Digital Credit Providers to Central Bank

How you can report unregulated digital loan providers to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is what many borrowers must know.


Digital lenders and Credit-Only microfinance institutions must be regulated by the Central Bank in order to operate in Kenya.This is after the formation of the Digital Credit Providers regulations 2022. 

CBK already released a list of the first 10 approved regulated digital credit providers but more are coming as promised by the regulator.

It is therefore crucial to know how legit is the lenders you're interacting with in order to be safe with your money and your personal data.

How to Report Unregulated Digital loan lenders to CBK 

While releasing the list of the first licensed digital credit providers, the regulator also described how one can report an unregulated lender. 

CBK depends on the public feedback and report to sanitize the lending arena in a move to protect the consumers in the country. 

In this regard, CBK wants to receive reports about unregulated digital credit providers from the public in order to make further changes or actions in the future.

To report an unregulated digital credit provider, just send an email to


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