Mara Wallet App APK Download - What is Mara all about?

Mara wallet is a secure and multi-currency crypto portal which was created with the aim of giving full control to Africans using cryptocurrency.

What is Mara all about

Mara wallet is all about giving the much needed crypto financial freedom and knowledge to Africans in a simple and easy way never experienced on the continent - Africa.

Mara waitlist

The company has not yet fully launched the wallet. At the moment anyone interested can download Mara App , create his or her account and join the Mara waitlist. There's a link below just continue reading.

Mara launch date is coming soon as promised by the company itself via Mara Twitter handle.
Mara wallet app logo

Mara App APK download

The portal (wallet) is available via an app dubbed the Mara Wallet App which is available for download on Google play store and Apple App store.

How to Earn with Mara Wallet 

Anyone joining the Mara waitlist earns money and other rewards. I joined and earned mine already. If you need to get your kindly join Mara waitlist now. 

Mara Wallet App Contacts

Get More Support and Information from Mara Group via the links below; 


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