4 Best Fuliza Alternatives to M-PESA

Fuliza has alternatives and fortunately the loans are all in easy reach just from the mpesa menu. In this article I will name the best four (4) a person can rely on when Fuliza MPesa behaves otherwise.

What is Fuliza?

You can read more about Fuliza here but for the purpose of this article, I will give a brief description about the facility.

Fuliza is an overdraft service meant to be consumed by MPesa customers when their wallets run low or even empty of money. 

In many cases,the overdraft is used when making a payment to a merchant or sending money to a friend and recently Safaricom announced that it is now possible to buy airtime via Fuliza

Fuliza Interest Rates

Fuliza rates is 1% of the principal amount borrowed plus KES 1 each day up to 30 days depending on the time you'll make the payment. 

Fuliza MPesa Limit

The good news is that Fuliza loan limit was increased. I already have an elaborate article which you can check about Fuliza new loan limits in Kenya

Fuliza Numbers and USSD codes

To access Fuliza or to get help from fuliza, kindly use th below fuliza numbers; 
  • *234#
  • *334#
  • *100#
  • Call 100
  • Call 234
  • Call 200 (postpaid)
  • Call 0722002100
  • Call 0722002200

Fuliza Best Alternatives 

Fuliza Alternatives

Incase Fuliza fails to help you as a customer,you can still make use of these alternatives whic am going to list below.

There can be many loan givers but for the purpose of this article am going to list loan facilities found together with fuliza and which actually serve as the closest alternatives to the facility. 

The list comprises of some of the popular mobile loans and a few new , some disputed loans.

If you've made it this far a s my blog reader, it is actually time to reward you with the very list which is found below. The list is in the order of the oldest to the newest fuliza alternatives you can rely on.

1. M-Shwari 

It is found next to KCB M-PESA in the M-Pesa app. M-Shwari gives up to KES 150,000 instantly to borrowers. This can hugely help when Fuliza fails.

You can read the complete details about M-Shwari.


Next is KCB M-PESA. The service is found next to Fuliza in the M-PESA menu. This can give up to KES 1 million as loan to borrowers.

Kindly read my detailed article about KCB M-Pesa 

3. Halal Pesa 

This is a new Fuliza alternative which is meant to be consumed by our Muslim brothers. It is a loan facility designed with Shariah law in mind. Halal can give up to KES 15,000 instantly as interest free loan.

Read more about Halal Pesa 

4. Faraja Loans 

This is the latest Fuliza alternative. It was meant to help buyers purchase goods on credit. The facility is however under review by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) 

Check more about faraja loans  .


As an MPesa user, Fuliza is not the only loan facility you can rely on. There are reliable fuliza alternatives found extremely close. Whenever Fuliza denies you the loan, try the above named alternatives.


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