10 quick loans without security in Kenya

Loans without security or collateral is everybody's favourite loan facility in Kenya. There are different kinds of loans available to customers provided by different lenders. I already wrote an elaborate article which explains all the types of loans available in Kenya. Kindly read Types of loans in Kenya

In order to know much about loans without security, continue reading this article because I'll be listing the top 10 plus of such kind of loans which are readily available even now.

Loans without security - brief explanation

What are loans without security? First things first. In order to understand more about this type of loan facility,I'll be giving a brief description of what loans and security mean.

In short, loans without security means facility which is taken from a lender without anything valuable required apart from the borrower's identity .

Many lenders provide loans against security - popularly known as secured loans. 

Security (also known as collateral) is anything valuable required by the lender which can be confiscated in case the borrower fails to pay back the loan.

Some of the most common security items include such things like car logbooks, land title deeds ,valuable metals (gold, diamond) and furniture.

Because many people in Kenya don't have such valuables, non-secured loans is everybody's favourite.

10 quick loans without security in Kenya 

loans without security

It is now time to mention the top best 10 plus loans without security in Kenya. This list is not in any order. Before I forget let me tell you the reader, congratulations for making it to this point in reading this article.


This loan facility is provided by the KCB bank. To access the loan you must be a Safaricom MPesa registered user with a six month active account.

One can get up to Ksh 1Million as KCB M-Pesa loan. Loan payment is within 30 days. 

To access the loans you can dial *334# or go to your MPESA menu or use MPesa app.

2. M-Shwari

The loan facility is provided by NCBA Bank and gives up to ksh 150,000 maximum loan to borrowers. The repayment duration for loans is up to 30 days. 

The service is available to Safaricom MPesa customers who have been using MPesa for over six months.

Just like KCB M-PESA, to access the loans you can use MPesa menu, dial *334# or use MPesa app. 

3. Fuliza

Fuliza is an overdraft service by Safaricom. The loan is available to qualifying Safaricom subscribers.

One can get up to ksh 150,000 to be paid back after 30 days.

4. Tala

This is oldest loan app and one of the best. Anyone can download the app from Google play store and start accessing loans right away.

Tala gives minimum ksh 500 and maximum ksh 30,000 as loan to borrower. The repayment duration is 30 days.

5. Branch

This is another better loan app providing quick loans via MPesa in Kenya. To get loans one must download branch app from Google play store and apply for loans. 

Branch loans range from ksh 1,000 to ksh 100,000. Repayment is up to 1 year.

Watch branch loan app video on Loans vLog YouTube Channel

6. Zenka 

Another good loan app is zenka. Borrowers can get up to ksh 30,000 unsecured loan instantly after downloading the app from Google play store.

Zenka loan repayment is in 30 days.

7. Timiza

A loan service by Absa Bank. You can get instant loan without security after downloading Timiza app from Google play store.

Loan amount can be high as ksh 150,000 and repayment is after 30 days.

8. PesaPap 

The app is provided by Family Bank. To access loans just download PesaPap app from Google play store.

9. Vooma 

Vooma is a loan app by KCB. The app gives quick loans without any security to borrowers in Kenya.

10. NCBA loop 

The loan service is provided by NCBA. Customers join as loopers after downloading the app from Google play store.

If you take a close look at the above list, you'll find that there are som loan apps included. These apps are many but I've placed some in the above because they're the best according to my experience;

Many loan apps though if not all qualify to be called loans without security. For this reason I'll list more of the loan apps as loans without security below to complete the 10+ list; 
  • KashWay loan app
  • HF Whizz loan app
  • iPesa loan app
  • Loan Pesa loan app
  • Kasi loan app
  • Directcash loan app
  • Ahili loan app
  • TiFi Slice loan app
  • Lendplus loan app
  • CreditMoja loan app
  • Okash loan app
  • iPesa loan app
  • Saida loan app
  • Carbon loan app
  • Xcash loan app
  • FairKash loan app
  • Mykes loan app
  • AsapKash loan app
  • Helacash loan app
  • Mokash loan app
  • Hikash loan app
  • Meta loan app
  • Mojacredit loan app
  • InstarCash loan app
  • Amira loan app
  • Ezesha loan app
  • Sky Pesa loan
  • Gogo Pesa loan
  • FlashPesa loan app
  • Apesa loan app
  • Zash loan app
  • Kashbean loan app

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