T-LOANS App download APK

T-LOANS is a mobile money lending app which gives fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya. The app is managed by Q $ S Interlinks.

T-LOANS Features - Interest Rates and Loan Limits 

The lender gives loan amounts ranging from KES 2,000 to a maximum of KES 50,000.

T-Loans charges an interest rate of 5% - 28% APR. There are also some other fees according to the reviews posted by users on Google play store.

T-LOANS download APK and How to Apply for Loans 

You can download T-LOANS App on Google play store, create your account and apply for loans right away.

Each customer is assigned a loan limit after which they can apply for the loans. Most qualified borrowers get a loan limit of ksh 50,000.

How to Pay T-LOANS

When the loan repayment gets due borrowers can pay from within the app without manually writing T-LOANS paybill number.

T-Loans repayment duration is from 91 days to a maximum repayment duration of 365 days.

T-LOANS Contacts 

There are no t loans mobile phone numbers at the moment. Use the contact below to get help; 


  1. Hi l did apply for a loan which l haven't been communicated. Just following up how long cause l believe 48 hours l have waited. Thanks

  2. I'm not yet communicated to and the thing is that the 48 hours are over.Kindly check on that as I applied for a loan due to an emergency.thankyou

  3. Hi I've not yet been communicated to about the loan.Kindly check on that cause it's an emergency

  4. I applied for a loan and its now 48 hours yet I haven't received the loan,,,why!!!kindly explain for clarity

  5. I applied for a loan and the 48hr has gone down, now this is the second day no message no money, you people are you really serious?

  6. Will I receive my loan since I have an emergency to attend to?

  7. Why u take ksh 100 and you don't give the loans it's unfair

  8. I will I receive my loan because 48hours is almost over please can you check on my loan and kindly feedback me am just requesting for answer

  9. I applied a loan two days I go ,you charged me sh 100 ,today when I went to check ,I tried to enter my phone contacts and could not go through ,you told me number not found,seriously ? After giving out my details plus another person's details ,you were offering me a loan of Sh 6,500 to be paid with an interest of 409 shs plus,are you online comment,fraudesters ???

  10. I applied for a loan, its passed 24 hrs,please assist.

  11. You people refund people's money or else you'll be in hot soup

  12. I applied for an emergency loan and paid the 100 shillings.. this app is not real and it's a scum. 48hrs has elapsed. You guys get serious

  13. Wajinga waliisha.you get loans from people instead of you giving them .eti pay 100

  14. I applied loan a month ago and I paid the ksh 100 and have to now no money

  15. I also applied for it 48hrs are over;; paid ksh100 and I'm still waiting 😴😴😴


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