4 Tricks on how to Increase Safaricom Faraja Credit Loan Limit

Faraja Credit loan limits ranges from KES 20 to a maximum of KES 100,000 but how can one get the highest amount?

Everyone prefers a high faraja credit limit but not often this happens. Why? Continue reading as I show you how to actually increase your current faraja loan limit to a satisfactory higher limit than before.
Faraja Credit Loan

Faraja Credit Loan Features

What's Faraja Credit? It's a Safaricom backed Lipa Na M-PESA service which enables buyers to purchase goods or services and pay later from various merchants. 

The service can be accessed via Faraja Credit USSD code or M-PESA App.

The best part of Faraja Credit is that no interest is charged for taking the facility.

You can read the full faraja credit article by clicking the link above to know the main features of the facility and even the participating companies in forming the service.

This post is about the ways to easily increase your faraja credit loan limit and for the same reason I will not write much about the service itself.

In summary here are the features of Faraja Credit Loans; 
Faraja Credit Features
Loan Feature Description
 Loan Limits  KES 20 - KES 100,000
 Interest Rates  Zero ( 0%)
 Payment Duration  30 days

Even in the company's mind , increasing a customer's loan limit was important and for that reason,from the website faraja described how this can be achieved.

Each customer would of course want a higher loan limit. Out of the maximum KES 100,000 atleast each customer would like to have a loan limit of around KES 50,000. 

In order to achieve this there's one trick shared by Faraja Credit itself and it is listed below.

4 ways to increase your Faraja Credit Loan Limit

The number one tirck to increase your Faraja Limit is listed as number 1 below. There are however other ways which personally I thought will enormously encourage faraja to increase your limit. Check the tricks below; 
  1. Frequently continue using faraja and  pay back or repay loans on time 
  2. Frequently use M-PESA services especially Lipa Na M-PESA
  3. Pay other loans on time 
  4. Frequently use M-PESA App 

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