Anywair loan app APK download

 Anywair app is a mobile money lender which gives instant and affordable personal loans to borrowers in Kenya. 

Anywair Loan Features - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

This lender provide loans from a minimum of KES 500 to a maximum specific to each borrower depending on their credit scores.

Anywair (also anywhere) charges zero (0% ) interest rate. The lender however,charges a service fee of 5% . For this reason the APR is from 0-36%

Anywair loan app

How to download Anywair app APK and apply for loans 

You can download Anywair loan app from Google play store, create your account and then apply for the loans. 

How to Pay Anywair loans 

The repayment duration is from 90 days to a 540 days. Payment is done from within the app via MPesa Xpress without using anywair paybill number.

Anywair app contact 

WhatsApp 0748 058844




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