Tala and Branch loan apps : The Ultimate Comparison

This is the ultimate comparison between Branch and Tala loan apps in Kenya ,the two major and successful digital lenders in the country.

Branch Loan App

This is a mobile loan app which gives fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya. You will only need a smartphone and an MPesa account to get started.Its tha simple.

Tala Loan App 

Tala is also a personal mobile money lender and have been providing fast loans too via M-Pesa. The requirements to start accessing loans are the same as branch - a smartphone and an MPesa account. 

Tala app has light blue and orange colours while Branch app has blue and white colours.There are alot more major differences between the two digital apps than you may think and fortunately this article is purely dedicated to showcase those differences in a comparison manner. 

Tala and Branch loan apps comparison video

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Branch and Tala Ultimate Comparisons 

Features Tala Branch
App Name Tala Branch
Year Launched 2014 2015
Company Tala mobile Branch International
Owners Shivani Siroya Matt Flannery
Bank None Branch MFB
Downloads 10M+ 10M+
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
Countries Present Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, India, Philippines Kenya, Nigeria, India, Tanzania
Website Tala.co.ke branch.co.ke
Email hellokenya@talamobile.com support@branch.co
In-app chat Yes Yes
Loan Limits max 30k max 100k
Interest Rates 4 - 34% per month 2- 18% per month
Loan Tenure 30 days - can go up to 60 days 30 days - 1 year
Paybill Number 851900 998608
SMS Code 21991 None
Phone Numbers None 0711995555
Referral Program Yes Yes
Late fees 8% None
Rollover fees Yes None
Processing fees None None
Onboarding fees None None
Collateral No None
Facebook Talakenya Branchkenya

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