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Safaricom SIM Swap Protection: Dial Code *100*100# for Self-Whitelisting

How can subscribers protect themselves from SIM Swap fraud by self-whitelist? This is the big question many Kenyans have been asking after loosing millions of shillings to fraudsters for years now.

Safaricom, the biggest player in the Telco business in Kenya finally came up with a solution on how to protect customers from becoming victims of the SIM Swap fraud by doing a SIM Swap Self-Whitelisting.

What's SIM Swap Fraud 

Let's start with what SIM Swap means. It simply means transferring an existing SIM card to a new SIM card while maintaining the same number in the same network. 

Fraudsters do a SIM Swap and take over the control of that number. This way they can do transactions on behalf of the SIM card owner. 

SIM Swap Self-Whitelisting via USSD Code

In order to protect customers from the unauthorized SIM Swap, Safaricom has a way of controlling the process.

A subscriber can simply dial *100*100# to lock any SIM Swap from taking place behind their backs. 

In an event the rightful owner of the locked SIM card want to do a SIM Swap, he or she must contact Safaricom customer care desk or visiting a nearby retail outlet. 

This service is available to both pre-paid and post-paid Safaricom customers in the country.
Safaricom SIM Swap Self-Whitelisting
SIM Swap Self-Whitelisting steps - Courtesy: Safaricom PLC

Difference between SIM Replacement and SIM Swap 

People often get confused when it comes to differentiating between SIM Replacement and SIM Swap. 

The two are almost the same with a small difference;

SIM Replacement means getting a totally different phone number on a new SIM card while SIM Swap means getting the same number on a different new SIM card.

In Kenya many people consider SIM Replacement as getting the same number on a different new SIM card.

What Happens when you do a SIM Swap 

After doing a SIM Swap,the old (original) SIM card stops working. You'll only be able to use the new SIM card given after the SIM Swap.

With the new SIM card,you'll still be able to use Safaricom services including MPesa - as if nothing changed.

However, you'll loose your contact list. This means you'll be forced to get the contacts back manually by yourself.

SIM Self-whitelist FAQS 

How does a customer whitelist their line 
By dialling*100*100# . The line use is the line being whitelisted.

Who Can Whitelist their Lines 
Both pre-paid and Post-paid Safaricom customers

When should I whitelist my line 
It becomes a must when you receive the message below; 
Dear customer, we have received your SIM SWAP request. If you are not aware of this, kindly dial *100*100# immediately to stop the swap. Thank you 

How many times can I whitelist a line 

Where Can I replace the SIM card for a whitelisted line 
You can visit a Safaricom retail outlet with you National ID or contact Safaricom customer care desk.

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