Kamoa App : All Details of the Loan Marketplace and Contacts

Kamoa App is a loan marketplace where borrowers can access fast affordable loans in Kenya.

Kamoa Loans - Interest Rates,Loan Limits 

With a sea of loans, the app limits to ranges from KES 500 to a maximum of KES 40,000 disbursed instantly to borrowers.

Kamoa loans have an interest rate of APR 1732.71% 

Pros of Kamoa loans 

  • Fast loans
  • There's a wide variety of lender's to choose from.
  • The maximum loan amount is reasonable high.
  • Reasonable repayment duration
  • Borrowers build credit scores

Cons of Kamoa

  • Borrowers don't interact with the lenders
Kamoa App

How to Download Kamoa App and Get Started

In order to start accessing loans from the available lenders you must download kamoa app from Google play store and create your account.

Kamoa loans can be used for any purpose - business, school fees, paying bills,travel expenses etc.

How to Repay Kamoa loans

The repayment duration ranges from 9 weeks (more than two months) to a maximum of 24 weeks (six months).

When loan repayment is due borrowers pay as directed from within the app via MPesa paybill.

Borrowers who pay early or on-time get a chance to access higher loan amounts with reduced interest rates too.

Kamoa App Customer Care Contact Numbers 

There are no kamoa phone numbers at the moment. Use the email address below to get help; 




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