How to Download Branch Loan App on iPhone

Follow easy steps to download branch loan app on your iPhone today

Branch Loan App provides fast and affordable mobile loans to borrowers in Kenya via MPesa.This means the loan is available to anyone with a smartphone and using the Safaricom mpesa services.

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Download Branch International App on iPhone

Branch Loan App

Now that Apple is also making smartphons ,is it possible to download branch app on an iPhone? 

When branch started out the target clients were people who were unbanked but atleast could afford a smartphone. Android smartphones were and are still cheaper up to date compared to Apple smartphones. 

For this reason, branch international decided to make an android compatible app. In regard to the recent development whereby Branch became a bank in Kenya after acquiring Century MFB, there are high chances an iOS app version will be developed maybe soon.

Therefore you can only download branch from Google play store only at the moment which is only meant for Android device users.

Here is how to download Branch App;

  • Go to Google play store on your Android device (smartphone or tablet)
  • Search for 'Branch Digital loans by Branch International'
  • You should see something like this ;
  • Branch Loan App download

  • Select Install 
  • The app will be installed into your smartphone within minutes.
  • You can then register your account using either Facebook or your mobile phone number.

How to Log in to Branch Loan App

You can choose to log in to your branch loan app account using either Facebook or your mobile phone number and a password.

Before you can apply or repay your branch loans you need to log in first in order to access your account.

Branch International Loans

The loan amounts given by this lender in Kenya ranges from KES 250 to a maximum of KES 100,000.

Branch Customer Care Numbers

In order to get help with anything related to branch and its products kindly contact branch international.

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