MKOPO 24/7 Loan App - Download APK, Apply , Repay via MPesa, Contacts

MKOPO 24/7 is a personal mobile money lending app which provides quick loans to borrowers in Kenya. The app is managed by Kijiji. Tech.

MKOPO 24/7 Loans - Interest Rates , Loan Limits

The minimum loan amount given is ksh 500 and the maximum loan amount which can be given to very qualified applicants is ksh 50,000. The money is quickly disbursed to the borrower's mpesa account directly on approval.

Mkopo 24/7 charges an interest rate of 26% per year APR. In addition,the lender charges a service fee amounting between ksh 195 to ksh 200.

Note: Mkopo 24/7 charges a fee before one can apply for the loans. In addition the app contains advertisements. Proceed only if you're comfortable with this.
MKOPO 24/7 Loan App

How to Download MKOPO 24/7 App

In order to start getting loans you need to download MKOPO 24/7 Loan App from Google play store and create your account.

How to Repay MKOPO 24/7 Loans

Borrowers with due loans can pay from within the app. There's no need to use Mkopo 24/7 paybill number.

Mkopo 247 loans have a repayment duration of 91 days to 365 days.

MKOPO 24/7 Loan Contacts

The app has no mobile phone numbers at the moment. Use email address;


  1. After how long can one repay back the loan?

  2. QD842HJ3BM Confirmed. Ksh169.00 paid to APEX INVESTMENT. on 8/4/22 at 6:41 PM.New M-PESA .if I paid this and can't get a loan

  3. QD9253MSNG Confirmed. Ksh188.00 paid to APEX INVESTMENT. on 9/4/22 at 11:18 PM.New M-PESA balance is Ksh39.00. Transaction cost, Ksh0.00. Amount you can transact within the day is 299,607.00.You can now access M-PESA via *334#

  4. Anyone who has ever received a loan from this sight to talk to me,am doubting it

  5. All kenyans should take care of this app i was told to send money to lipa na mpesa,buy goods.Till no.9575867.i was told to send 159.00 to the above till no.the that appears is.QD96511L60 confimed.ksh 159.00 paid to APPEX INVESTMENT.when i talked to mpoko 24/7 customer care,i was told the name that appears in mpesa is where name apex investment comes from.kindly inform other kenyans who my fall victims,as i am already one of i am still following up whith safaricom to specifically tell me who recieved my money

    1. I think I have been corned to.

  6. Kindly let me know why you told meto pay commitment fee to receive the loan, after paying am not being given the money

  7. It is not legit...after paying and confirming they say wrong code yet you enter the message from mpesa

  8. After paying the commitment fees they said wrong code what will i do

  9. After paying the commitment fees they said wrong code what will i do

  10. I have applied and paid a commitment fee of 220 but no loan

  11. What's the correct till then


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