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Okoa loans app

Okoa Loans App is a money lending service which provides secure and fast loans to borrowers in Kenya. The app is managed by Elkhart.

Okoa Loans - Interest Rates and Limits 

The largest amount this lender can give as loan is ksh 30,000. Loans can be as low as ksh 5,000 for first time borrowers.

Okoa Loans have an interest of maximum APR of 26% or 14% per annum or 1.6% per month.

Note: According to the revies on play store the app charges some fee before applying for loans. Proceed only if you're okay with that.

To start getting loans from the lender download okoa loans app from Google play store and create your account.

How to Repay Okoa Loans 

The repayment duration for okoa loans is from a minimum of 91 days to a maximum of 365 days.

Borrowers pay from within the app when loan repayment is due without using okoa loans mpesa paybill number.

Okoa Loans Contacts 

You can ask for help from okoa loans customer care via the contact below. No okoa loans mobile phone numbers at the moment though; 




  1. I applyed a loan sh 9000 but I didn't get the loan I saved 100sh okoa laon to till number

    1. I have also saved sh 95 to get 5000 but still it's in vein for real.

  2. Were Is my loan

  3. I request a loan but i had not seen anything

  4. I had paid 95 then do as requested but not receive 9600

  5. I had paid 95 then do as requested but not receive 9600

  6. Even after you pay fee ,,they don't give you loan

  7. I deposit 100 and have not received money what is the problem stop stealing from people

  8. I paid ksh 100 but the app is not responding when I want to navigate. Please what is the problem?

  9. Why I will pay my one hudrend end then I typed my mpesa code end it say invalid message and I repeat five times


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