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Leja Loans Business App
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Leja Loans Business App - in addition to cash management and bookkeeping,the app is now giving out loans to users. 

Who owns Leja? The app is owned and managed by Asilimia Group.

Leja Loans App

This app gives loans to users. The app is meant to be used by business owners in Kenya. The kind of loans provided here are the following; 
  • Airtime loans
  • Business loans
  • Leja loans

Leja App for Businesses

This app helps business owners to do the following with easy; 
  • Record both incomes and expenses
  • Do realtime calculations
  • Send debt reminders
  • Access insurance services
  • See realtime insights about the business performance

Leja Loans Business App Download 

In order to access the app services including the loans, you must download leja business app from Google play store and create your account.

Leja bonus and promotions

As a leja user you can enjoy some bonuses and take part in the promotions available. Users can invite friends to get rewards in the form of airtime or cash.

Leja Loans Customer Care Contact Number 

Leja is a legit app with real contacts to get help through listed below;

Visit 14 Riverside Westlands, Nairobi.

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