Payactiv Loan App - How to Download and Get Money Instantly

Payactiv Loan App

What is Payactiv ? In a simple explanation, Payactiv is a salary advance app which provide instant cash to borrowers in the US. The app helps people live the life they've earned.

Payactiv Loans 

With the app customers can ask for a small loan which will be repaid in the next payday. Payactiv paycheck loans can be used for any purpose as the borrower wishes.

Payactiv loan amounts vary per user. It can be $100 for one customer and a different amount for a different customer. It all depends on the customer's wages.

Payactiv Fees and Interest Rates 

The app doesn't charge any interest rates. There is a program fee of $1 on the day you'll make transactions. This is capped at $5 per pay period ( usually a month).

There's also a processing fee of $1.99 if you wish to pick up you money at the employer for example walmart.

Payactiv charges $1.99 for instant deposits to other cards other than Payactiv card.

How to Download Payactiv app

In order to start accessing loans from this lender, you must Download Payactiv App from Google play store or check Apples App Store. 

After downloading the app, each member will create his or her Payactiv account. The app will do some calculations to come up with the borrowers loan limit. 

Customers can link their checking bank accounts to easily access the loans. 

How to Get Money From Payactiv

To apply for an advance, customers must login to Payactiv app and ask for amount they qualify for at that moment.

Payactiv Login without App

You will need the app but still you can use (Payactiv com) website to login to your payactiv account in order to access your funds.

Payactiv card

Even without a linked checking bank account, anyone can create a payactiv account and ask for a card. With the payactiv card one can transact anywhere online or at any physical stores or withdraw cash at various approved ATMs in the US.

There's no any fees charged to get the Payactiv card. It's free.

Does Walmart Use Payactiv 

Payactiv works with several employers including walmart,subway, uber,pizza but among many to give employees the early salaries they need. 

Is Payactiv legit

Payactiv is a legit company. The app has been in operation since 2014. Payactiv has strong partnerships with other entities include payactiv card processor Central Bank of Kansas City.

Payactiv Customer Service Number

To contact Payactiv, you can use the customers service number below;

Customer Enquiries Number;

Customer International Enquiries number;

Payactiv Card Enquiries  number; 

Customer Enquiries email;

Apps Like Payactiv 

In the business of give out fast loans, Payactiv is not alone. Here are some of the apps which work like Payactiv;

Cash App

The app gives early wages to employees. 
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This another mobile money lender in the United States. 


The app gives up to $250 instantly as loan.
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Another payment and loan advance app.


Best known as a payment app but also gives salary advance services. 


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