I&M Bank Kenya Diaspora -information about Loans ,Accounts, Cards, Contacts

I&M Bank

I&M Bank Kenya is one of the best commercial banks providing reliable diaspora banking services to Kenyans living abroad. 

Kenyans in the US, UK, Canada ,UAE - Dubai or any other country are the target customers to the bank's diaspora services. 

I&M bank Kenya diaspora services include the following;
  • Loans
  • Bank accounts 
  • Investments 
  • Cards
  • Transfers

Bank Accounts

For each of the personal bank accounts offered, customers get the following ;
  • Electronic banking 
  • International Visa Cards
  • IMBA loyalty points
I&M Bank accounts are grouped into three major categories. These include; 
  1. Premium Bank Accounts 
  2. Smart Bank Accounts 
  3. Everyday Bank Accounts 

1. I&M Premium Accounts 

These accounts have dedicated relationship managers. We have three and they include ; 
  • Premium select account
  • Personal sapphire account 
  • Sapphire FCY account 

2. I&M Smart Bank Accounts 

Accounts going beyond banking. These are ;
  • Personal Malaika Account - dedicated to women 
  • Personal Bahati Account 

3. I&M Everyday Bank Accounts 

Mostly designed for goal seekers. These include;
  • Personal Tayari Account 
  • Young Professionals Account 

I&M Bank Diaspora Loans

People in the diaspora can still access some loans from I&M Bank back at home.

These loan facilities include ;
  • Asset finance 
  • Mortgages 

Money Transfers 

With I&M Bank customers living abroad can conveniently and effortlessly send money back home. Here are the ways to do exactly that; 
  • I&M Webpay
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram

I&M Bank Cards

The lender's bank cards are designed to help customers conveniently transact wherever they are. I&M bank has credit cards, debit cards and even prepaid cards. 

The bank has both Visa and Mastercard branded bank cards.


Through I&M Bancassurance, customers can access insurance services from the bank.

I&M Bank offers both General and Life insurance services. Some of the insurance policies covered include but not limited to;
  • Card insurance 
  • Fire insurance 
  • Motor vehicle insurance 
  • Child education policy 
  • Credit life assurance 
  • Mortgage protection 
  • Karo plan 
  • Keyman insurance 
  • Unit linked
  • Group life assurance 
  • Salary protection 
  • Family life assurance 
  • Individual life assurance policy ( endowment)
  • Household domestic protection 
  • Medical insurance 
  • Personal accident cover
  • Marine insurance 
  • Professional indemnity 
  • Public liability 
  • Goods in transit
  • Computer all risks / electronic equipment 
  • School package 


I&M Bank helps customers in the diaspora with investment solutions. This applies to both individuals and even groups.

I&M Bank  Diaspora Contacts 

Customers in the diaspora can use the following contacts to get help;



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