How to Delete MoneyLion Account - Easy Steps


MoneyLion is a fintech company which touches anything financial in a digital way including mobile banking, mobile loans, investing and much more. It's however not a bank. 

MoneyLion Loans and Other Products 

Through MoneyLion App ,this finance company gives loan two major services to members namely; Roarmoney and Instacash.

Other MoneyLion services include; account opening, investment, money depositing and saving. 

Who Can Be MoneyLion Member 

MoneyLion membership only covers residents of the United States (US). Members can then use the available MoneyLion financial services.

How to Delete MoneyLion Accounts

MoneyLion members create accounts within the app .These accounts may be roarmoney accounts or investment accounts. 

Whenever you feel like you don't want to go on with MoneyLion the next option should be to delete your account. 

In to delete a whole money lion profile or specific account you must have no loan arrears.

Here are the steps to cancel your MoneyLion Accounts.

How to delete your MoneyLion Profile Account 

  • Open MoneyLion App
  • Login 
  • Click on your profile picture 
  • Click on Membership 
  • Select manage membership account
  • Select Edit
  • Finally select delete 

How to delete instacash account 

This is a free account to every member. You can stop using the service by simply ignoring it.You don't have to delete instacash. 

How to Delete Auto Invest Account 

  • Open MoneyLion App
  • Login 
  • Move to your Investment Account 
  • Click Auto Invest
  • Finally click Delete Auto Invest 

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