Dave Loan App - How to Download and Get Loans - Easy Steps

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Dave Loan App is a cash advance mobile platform which gives up to $250 instantly to borrowers. The app is managed by Dave Inc. Banking for humans. 

Dave Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

How much money can you borrow from Dave ?$250 is the maximum loan a customer using dave can get instantly. Dave charges a monthly membership fee of $1. 

Dave doesn't charge any interest rate on the loans disbursed to the app users.

Dave Loan  Repayment 

How long do you have to pay badk dave loan? Loans are paid back after 30 days (1 month) . It's a paycheck advance. 

Why Does the dave app keep on taking $1? If you allowed the app to do so, dave will deduct $1 membership fee every month. 

Who Can Use Dave App 

The app is available to US citizens at the moment. Is Dave a local bank in United States of America?  The answer is no.

How to Download Dave App

To start accessing loans from the lender, kindly Download Dave App from Google play store or check on Apple Appstore. 

What is the catch with Dave App

Because dave doesn't charge any interest, members who use the app can choose to tip optionally. 

Dave Login - Without App

With Dave you can get your salary two days early. All you need to do is to Login to your dave account and ask for an advance. It is not possible to login to your dave account with the app.

How to get $100 from Dave

If you qualify for the amount you can ask for the same as salary advance with the dave app. Dave however, have a partnership with LevelCredit which helps borrowers submit loan payment reports to various Credit Bureaus like Equifax, TransUnion and Experian for credit building. This service is worth $100 but is done for free for Dave members.

Dave Debit Card

Members also get a debit card attached the dave account opened. With this card, customers can make purchases from online and physical stores, pay for bills, withdraw money from approved ATMs and much more transactions. 

Dave Loan App Contacts 

You can chat with the help team or send an email from within the Dave App as a customer. You can call Dave using the phone number at the back of your Dave card too. 

Loan Apps Like Dave In US

There are other money apps which work like Dave. They include; 

Cash App

The app is known for fast loans in the United States. 


Venmo is a payment app which is also popular in the US


A salary advance app with a prepaid card.


A salary advance app which provide money to help customers reach the next payday. Read more ; Chime SpotMe Cash 


Both a payment and loan app. It is know for easy use and fast transactions. 


Pays employees before payday. Can recording earnings after every shift.


A payment app in the US

Google Pay

Google's payment solution. This helps customers make payments in digital platforms. 

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