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Sky Pesa Loan App

Sky Pesa loan app is a mobile money lender which gives affordable personal loans via M-PESA to borrowers in Kenya. The app is managed by bobjack.

Sky Pesa Loans - Interest Rates, Limits 

This lender gives loans ranging from ksh.1,000 to a maximum of ksh. 20,000 disbursed directly and instantly to the approved borrower via mpesa. 

Sky Pesa loans have an interest rate of APR 10% to 16.25% per year or 0.027% to 0.044% per day.

SkyPesa loan app download

To get loans from this lender Download Sky Pesa Loan App from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Repay SkyPesa Loans

The repayment duration for loans from this lender is from 91 days to 180 days . To pay a loan borrowers can do so via the app. Sky Pesa mpesa paybill number 4084161 is already integrated into the app. Account number is your mobile phone number if you prefer to pay via M-PESA menu.

Sky Pesa loan app customer care contacts

Call ; 0115623977

Email ; 

Sky Pesa In Summary 

Sky Pesa Features Description
App Name Sky Pesa
Company Bobjack
Loan Limits KES 1,000 - KES 20,000
Interest Rates 10% -16% per year
Loan Tenure 91days - 180 days
Paybill Number 4084161
Phone Numbers 0115623977
Email Address


  1. I don't like your massages on my number please... if one asked you aloan and she paid it what is the problem you text people now and again

  2. How many times does one pay for a loan!? Even after paying I still get threats to pay or else...... Why?????

  3. Why do you allow a borrower to use someone as a guarantor without his or her consent. However you have the audacity to text the unaware guarantor to inform the borrower to pay. It's a crime to use ones data or information without his or consent.

  4. you have bad manners you text people even after payment

  5. This app needs to be sued and banned ! How do you allow one to take money and put guarantors without their consent only to send them stupid texts ,some guarantor are minors whose fone numbers were registered by their parents ! U must be smart enough come on ! Come on let me see how I will deduct money from
    Sibling account , I will fight u like a dedicated soldier till I get justice

  6. I have received a message that someone unknown to me has given my number to you as a guarantor without my written and signed .consent .make that mistake and will sue you to the core.

  7. How did you agree to use someone as guarantor without the consent of the person make a mistake of deducting my money and I will sue you. You didn't consent me when giving the loan

  8. its the most reliable loan app, user friendly and also convenient

  9. Stop the threats you threaten people who are unaware that they are guarantors. Handle your mess. You gave out the money without my consent and so please stop the non sense you text me and leave me alone. Av got my own issues to handle and not paying money for defaulters

  10. It's unfortunate even after paying money you still call to ask for money revisit your system.....

  11. A good app when you have a financial emergency.

  12. This app needs to up it's do you give a loan without calling the guarantor!???and when I call you people have the audacity to say that you busy and the lady went ahead and switched her phone. Am not going to risk my CRB account.nkt

  13. You people aint serious how can you allow someone to use someone's details without informing them?

  14. How just how can you allow someone to use another person's number as a guarantor without verification and signing and also informing the person.This is a crime.

  15. What does it mean by loan extension

  16. kindly provide a customer care number that is valid for use


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