PrimeKopa Loans - How to Apply via PrimeMobi App.

PrimeKopa Loans
Image Courtesy; Prime Bank Kenya 

PrimeKopa loan is a new mobile loan facility by Prime Bank Kenya which can be accessed exclusively via mobile handsets. 

Primekopa Loans - Interest Rates, Limits, Repayment 

The minimum amount provided is ksh 5000 and the maximum amount given out as loan is ksh 150,000. The loan is disbursed directly to the borrower's mpesa account on approval.

Primekopa loans can be repaid after a minimum period of 30 days and a maximum period of 90 days. 

How to Apply for PrimeKopa Loans

To start accessing primekopa loans, one must follow the steps below;

PrimeKopa Loans Contacts 

To get help ,one must contact Prime bank Kenya help desk via the following ways which include mobile phone numbers and email address;
  • 0111 006 000
  • 0111 004 000
  • 0719 090 000
  • 020  4203 000

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