JHela App - Download APK, Apply, Repay via Mpesa, Contacts

JHela app

JHela is a finance app which can be used to do a variety  of money transactions by the users. The app is managed by Cloud Hub Softwares. 

JHela Loans

The app provides more than loans.
Jhela app also known as J-Bank App can be used to do the following;
  • Borrow loans
  • Buy products 
  • Guarantee members 
  • Send money via mpesa 
  • Save money 
Jhela can be used by group members to transact conveniently at anytime and anywhere. 

To start using the app kindly Download JHELA App  from Google play store and create your account. 

JHela Contacts 

To get help kindly use the contact below. There are no JHela mobile phone numbers though at the moment;
  • info@jhela.org

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