KopeshaKash Loan App - Download APK, Apply, Repay via Mpesa, Contacts

KopeshaKash Loan App

KopeshaKash is a mobile money lending app which provide fast loans to borrowers in Kenya via mpesa. The app is managed by rashelbusiness.

KopeshaKash Loans - Interest Rates, Limits 

This lender gives loans from ksh 500 to a maximum of ksh 50,000 disbursed instantly and directly to the borrower's mpesa wallet. 

Kopesha Kash loans have an interest rate of 25% per year APR. In addition the lender charges a service fee of between ksh 95 to ksh 99.

Note; in addition to charging the above,the app contains ads according to Google play store. Proceed only if you're comfortable with advertisements. 

To start accessing loans from this lender Download KopeshaKash Loan App from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Repay KopeshaKash Loans 

The repayment duration for loans is from 91 days to a maximum of 365 days. When loans are due, borrowers pay from within the app without using KopeshaKash mpesa paybill number. 

KopeshaKash Loan App Contacts 

To get help kindly use the contact below. There are no KopeshaKash mobile phone numbers though at the moment;
  • kopeshwa@outlook.com


  1. What What about loan it refuses give me loan yet I have a limit 41000

  2. I applied for a loan 6000 and paid the commitment fee and you have not given it to me

  3. I have paid the commitment fee all I get is invalid code...

  4. I have also paid the commitment fee.its all through saying invalid code the after sometime a message at the bar pops in that,Loan approved.Good news we are disbursing some of the applied loans yet am not seeing that money to my mpesa account

  5. I applied the loan of 2400, i have paid the commitment fee of 97 but what i can get is just invalid cord since last week

  6. I am going to hunt u down.....I guess the codding class and computer degree is gonna work in my favour this time.....your apo is work and u have no customercare number we're u can be rached

  7. All u saying is invalid code after oayment..u thieves😏😏😏😏

  8. This app is for corning people but no money

  9. Good thing I didn't pay the commitment fee just to view comments

  10. Paid commitment fee all what i'm getting is invalid code message.
    What's happening?

  11. Scam!!!!!! scam!!!!!!! scam!!!!!!

  12. Wakora hawa but yangu huwa inarudi

    1. Ilirudi nimetuma yangu also na wanaxema tu invalid code tu

  13. I dnt knw how to put the confirmation cord in requred place
    Please assist me in doing that

  14. I was about to pay the commitment fee uzuri nkasoma comments kwanzaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Walai ni sawa tu...yall will loose much more than that


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