New Fuliza Limits

New fuliza limits

The fuliza limit was increased to a new maximum in order to accommodate the increased demand for mobile money during the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Initially the limits were set between ksh 0 to a maximum of ksh 70,000. According to Safaricom, the company owning Mpesa, a platform through which the fuliza loans can be accessed, fuliza maximum limit depend on the maximum transaction amount set.

Fuliza Loan Limit 

Although it is not easy for a customer to be awarded the maximum fuliza limit, it happens to a few. Many only get some few hundreds and a few get some few thousands as their Fuliza loan limits. 

So, which is the maximum fuliza limit set? Because this limit depends on the maximum mpesa transaction amount per day which is now set at ksh 150,000, then the new maximum fuliza limit should also be at ksh 150,000.

New Fuliza Limit is ksh 150,000




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