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Koa App

Koa App is a mobile money saving platform which enables people to save for future goals.

The service is run in partnership with commercial banks and other finance institutions regulated by either the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) or Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

Koa Loans

The app doesn't give out loans.
With the app a customer can save for any goal for example a vacation, a luxury car, a home,or  a business. 

In addition, the save money grows by earning interest.

Koa App

To start saving with the app, kindly Download Koa from Google play store and create your account. 

You can save money by sending from your mpesa account to the koa app. There is no need of using the Koa Paybill number as it is already integrated into the app.

Koa Contacts 

To get help and kindly use the following contacts. There are no koa mobile phone numbers though at the moment;
  • hello@withkoa.com

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