SPENN App - Download APK, Wallet Sign Up, Contacts


SPENN is a user friendly mobile banking app which enables anyone to transact conveniently anytime anywhere. The app is managed by Blockbonds AS.

With SPENN App customers can do a lot including but not limited to ;
  • Buying airtime 
  • Sending money
  • Earning money 
  • Request for money 
  • Pay for bills 
  • Pay for shopping 

How to Download SPENN app

SPENN services are available in various countries including Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and many others.

Anyone from the eligible countries can go to Google play store and search for Spenn. The app is available for download. 

After you Download SPENN, you can proceed to sign up for a wallet and start enjoying the convenience of making transactions or start earning money with a super account. 

How to Contact SPENN 

To get help customers can ask questions from within the app ,via Spenn website, or search for their local SPENN Facebook pages. 

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