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TrustGro USSD code and Contacts

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TrustGro  Loans

TrustGro formerly Getbucks Kenya or Emuinya is a personal loan lender which provides fast credit to mainly Civil Servants, Police Officers, Kenya Defense Forces Personnel and TSC Teachers.

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TrustGro USSD Code 

In order to serve customers faster,  better and conveniently ,TrustGro introduced a USSD code *714# to do exactly that. 

With the USSD code *714# a customer can apply for loans, repay loans or ask for help from TrustGro. 

The best thing is that, the USSD code can be used by customers even those with feature phones ( mulika mwizi or kabambe).

TrustGro Contacts 

To get further assistance and information about the lender and the loan services, customers and even the public members can use the customer care contacts below including mobile phone number and email address; 

  • 0111149000


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