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Arich Loan App 🇳🇬 - Download APK, Apply for Loans, Customer Care Contacts

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Arich loans app

Arich Loan App is a fast mobile personal and business loan platform that provides affordable loans to Nigerians.

Arich Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The app provides loans ranging from NGN 6000 to a maximum of Naira 5,000,000 disbursed instantly and directly to the borrower's bank account. 

Arich loans have an interest rate of  between 1% to 30% or an APR of between 30% to a maximum of 260%.

To start accessing loans from this lender, kindly Download Arich Loans App from Google play store and create your account. 

How To Repay Arich Loans

The repayment period for Arich Loans is from 80 days to a maximum of 1 year. Borrowers can pay from within the app when loan repayment date is due. 

Arich Loans Contacts 

To get help from this lender people can contact Arich Loan Customer Care via the following contact. There are no mobile phone numbers though at the moment;


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