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23411 Loan - SMS Loan, Loan Code , Loan App, Loan Company, Contacts

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23411 Loan

23411 loan is a mobile loans company providing fast and easy access to personal loans to borrowers. 

23411 SMS Loan - How To Apply For The Loan

To start accessing the loans you'll have to send the word Loan to the sms number 23411. I received a message from this lender as shown below;

CONGRATULATIONS you qualify for a loan of KES 7,500 payable in 6 weeks.IN CRB NO PROBLEM,Send the word Loan to 23411

Note; Am yet to act on the sms I received from 23411. You can proceed if you feel like you want to give it a try yourself. 

23411 Loan Code

The lender uses the loan code 23411. This is the number one can use to ask for loans. 

23411 Loan App

Currently there's no app named 23411 on Google play store or apple appstore. Maybe its coming soon.

23411 Loan Contacts 

Currently the way of communicating to 23411 is only through the sam code 23411. I'll update as soon as I bump on the lender's mobile phone numbers and email addresses.


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