FairKash Loan App Contacts, Paybill Number

FairKash Loan App

 FairKash App is a fast mobile money lender providing quick access to loans via Mpesa.

To start accessing loans you must Download FairKash App then create your account. 

FairKash Loan App Paybill Number 

Fair Kash provides affordable loans with the highest loan limit at ksh 50,000.The repayment is via FairKash Mpesa Paybill no. 4074255 when the payment date is due. Remember to put your mobile phone number as the account number during payment. 

FairKash Loan App Contacts 

Incase you have any queries, you can reach out to FairKash Customer Care via the following mobile phone number and email address;

  • 0793263022
  • support@fairkash.co



  1. You guys keep on sending a million frustrating comments na loan yenu nishalipa..Shame on you..its annoying

  2. People get mad with those frequent msgs and yet they've already paid! You will get abusive comments from them and your services will be no longer be helpful as there are other better lenders without the same annoying reminders!

  3. This is bulshit lender..i mean how can tgey send abusive message when one has already paid???..soo bad

  4. You need to update your app. These so many annoying messages makes you look so unprofessional. Kindly style up.

  5. This lender is so unprofessional. You still get abusive messages even days after paying. Am done with them

  6. Why am I getting annoying messages from this app yet I paid my loan days before the due date. I've deleted your app never again


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