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Equity Bank Kenya

Equity Bank is well known in providing the best diaspora banking services to its customers who are outside Kenya. 

The bank is one of the top ranked commercial bank in Kenya and the whole of Eastern Africa region. 

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Equity Bank's diaspora services are available to the following people;
  • Non Kenyans
  • Kenyans living abroad 
  • Kenyans with dual citizenship 
The bank's Diaspora services include ;
  1. Diaspora loans
  2. Diaspora cards
  3. Diaspora accounts 
  4. Diaspora insurance 

1. Equity Bank Diaspora Loans

Equity Bank Kenya takes care of the customers in the Diaspora by giving them access to a variety of loan solutions. The lender currently provides the following Diaspora Loans;

(i) Equity Hazina Loan

This is a personal loan facility for the people in diaspora. The loan is taken against savings, fixed deposits, treasury bills or bonds held by the bank.

(ii) Plot Purchase & Equity Loans

This loan is provided for the purchase of land. The owner can still ask for Equity Bank loans against his or her purchased plot.

(iii) Residential Mortgage &Equity Loans

Equity Bank will finance the purchase of a single family home / apartment/ condo and allow the owner to again to take other loans against the property. 

(iv) Commercial Mortgage & Equity Release Loans

The bank finances the purchase of 2 or more homes/apartments / condos in the same community

(v) Construction Loans

Equity Bank will finance the construction costs of a single family home. 

2. Equity Bank Diaspora Accounts 

The bank has a variety of accounts for the people in the Diaspora. I already have a full post about this . Read how to open a Diaspora Bank account with Equity 

3. Equity Bank Diaspora Cards

The bank also provide card services to the people outside Kenya. These are the available bank cards for th diaspora community at Equity Bank Kenya;

(i) Equity Premium Cards 

These are Equity Bank cards which earn a holder exclusive services from the bank.

(ii) USD Debit Cards 

These cards are available to USD account holders with Equity Bank Kenya. 

4. Equity Bank Diaspora Payment

To make payments, customers in the diaspora can use the following services available to Equity Bank Kenya customers;
  • Equity Direct 
  • Visa Direct 
  • PayPal 
  • Online Banking platform 
To send money to Kenya from abroad through Equity Bank, there are several ways you can do that including;
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union 
  • Swift transfer 
  • PesaLink 
  • Terrapay
  • WorldRemit
  • Hellopaisa
  • Smallworld
  • Transfast
  • Sendwave
  • Simba Pay
  • Xoom
  • Ping Express 

5. Equity Bank Kenya Insure

You can still buy insure policies from the Diaspora at the Equity Bank. These include ; 
  • Mortgage Protection 
  • Diaspora Return Ticket 
  • Engineering Insurance 
  • Diaspora Lasr Expense
  • Property Insurance 

Equity Bank Diaspora Contacts 

When you need help ,you can Contact Equity Bank Diaspora Customer Care via the following numbers and email addresses;

  • +254 763026481 
  •  +254 763063000
  • info@equitybank.co.ke


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