Why Timiza Loan Limit Is Zero

Timiza loan app

Why is my Timiza loan limit zero? Timiza gives loans up to a maximum of ksh 150,000 to the most qualified borrowers, but why is your limit zero (0) ?

Just like any other lender, Timiza has some requirements every customer must meet to start enjoying the quick and affordable mobile loans available. Anyone who can't meet these will have his or her limit zero; 

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Why Your Timiza Loan Limit Zero

  1. Timiza wants you to have been an M-Pesa customer for more than six (6) months.
  2. You must be an active Safaricom customer, using services like voice ,data, Mpesa and sms.
  3. You must not have any Okoa Jahazi debts
  4. You must have a good CRB rating - not blacklisted with the CRB. 


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