PataPay - How to Apply For Salary Advance Loans


 PataPay is a salary advance lender providing cash to employees whenever needed even before the end of the month.

Why PataPay?

With patapay employees can access money easily during emergencies for example to settle hospital bills, pay rent and pay for school fees. 

Patapay welcomes employers to partner with them for free. For an employee to access the loans from patapay, the employer must be a patapay partner. 

How to Get Loans From PataPay?

To start accessing salary advances from the lender, your employer must have signed a partnership agreement with Patapay.

An employee of a partner employer (company) can then ask for a salary advance via the PataPay Website. 

How to Contact PataPay 

To get more information, help or to get clarifications about the lender and the salary advance service, kindly use the Patapay contacts below; 

  •  Call ; 020 7844733
  • Email;


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