Tala Uchumi Loans App - Download, Apply For Loans,Repay Via Mpesa, Contacts

Tala Uchumi Loan App

 Tala Uchumi Loan App provides fast mobile credit services to qualified borrowers in Kenya. The app is managed by Tala services.

Kindly note that this app is different from Tala App

Tala Uchumi Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

This mobile money lender provides loans ranging from ksh 1000 all the way up to ksh 10,000 instantly via M-Pesa.

Tala Uchumi Loans attract a 35% APR as the interest rate.

Note; the app contains ads according to Google play store. Continue online if you're comfortable with advertisements. 

To start accessing loans from this lender kindly Download Tala Uchumi Loans App from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Repay Tala Uchumi Loans

Tala Uchumi loans can be repaid after 90 days which the shortest repayment period and up to 180 days which the longest repayment duration. 

When the repayment date is due borrowers can pay from within the app without using Tala Uchumi Loans Paybill number. 

How to Contact Tala Uchumi Loans

To get help from this lender, kindly use the following contact below. There are no Tala Uchumi Loans mobile phone numbers at the moment though. 

Tala Uchumi Loans Email address;

  • talauchumi2020@gmail.com



  1. I apply the loan last 3 month and I did receive any money

  2. I have applied for loan bt have been told to pay 95 and copy the sms to app bt it's saying its invalid code

    1. I have been told to pay on uchumi loan then l foward the mpesa message but they are saying its an invalid code

  3. This is thieving guys...same applies to me that on 14th December 2021 did apply and since I was a new client they prompt me to pay commitment fee of Ksh 87... I paid but upon pasting the Mpesa message, 'Invalid code, try after 1hour' ...shame on you people nnnkkkkkt

    1. For me, they have asked me to pay Ksh159 to be able to get a loan. These guys are trying to fill a suck with water of which can't happen!!! Shame on them...

  4. Av already paid bt it's says invalid code

  5. I think this people are not genuine


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