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Platinum Loans App

Platinum Loans App is a fast mobile lending platform which gives quick loans to android smartphone users. The app is managed by QS Developers. 

Platinum Loans - Interest Rate, Loan Limits, Loan Repayment Duration 

The app is available in different countries; 

In Kenya

The Platinum Loans range from ksh 400 to ksh 60,000 and the interest rate is 19% per year, and a maximum APR 25%

The repayment period is from 90 days to 150 days.

In Philippines 

The loans range from php 5000 to php 30,000 and the interest rate is 16% - 25% per year, and APR 21% - 30% per year. 

The repayment period is 90 days to 180 days.

In India 

The loans range between Rupee 900 and Rupee 6,00,000. The interest rate is a maximum of 35.6% per year.  Repayment is from 90 days to 600 days.

In Nigeria 

The loan amounts ranges from Naira 6000 to Naira 200,000. The interest rate is 6% to 30% per year. The APR is from 25% to 235% per year. 

The repayment period for loans is from 90 days to 200 days.

Kindly Note, the app contains ads according to Google play store. If you're comfortable with advertisements you can proceed to Download Platinum Loans App 

How to Contact Platinum Loans App

To reach out to the Platinum Loans Customer Care ,use the following Contacts below; 



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