15 Loan Apps Without Registration Fee in Kenya

Loan apps in Kenya

We have a list of loan apps where you can get a loan without any registration fees in Kenya which you should check. 

But first did you know nowadays you can get cash through mobile loan apps disbursed directly to your M-Pesa account instantly? Get it today.

The apps which provide the mobile loans have varied features and charges. There are some app which will charge an upfront fee before one can apply for loans and there are others which charge only the interest rate on the principal amount borrowed.

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For the purpose of this article, today I'll show you my readers which are the loan apps that do not ask for any registration fees. The list can be long but I'll list the most popular among them; 

Mobile Loan Apps Which Never Ask For Registration Fees

  1. Tala loan app
  2. Branch International loan app
  3. Saida loan app
  4. Shika loan app 
  5. Timiza loan app
  6. Vooma Loan App
  7. Opesa loan app
  8. Okash loan app
  9. Zenka loan app
  10. Haraka loan app
  11. PesaZone loan app
  12. Carbon loan app
  13. PesaPap loan app
  14. Stawika loan app
  15. Stawi loan app




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