Equity Mobile App - Everything You Need To Know

Equity Mobile App


Equity Mobile App is a mobile platform meant to help customers access the lender's services at the comfort of smartphones. The app is managed by Equity Group. 

Who Can use the Equity Mobile App

The app is available for use by anyone interested in joining Equity Banking services . Customers can connect their existing Equity Bank accounts and cards to the app while new customers can open accounts instantly anywhere anytime.

To start using the app kindly Download Equity Mobile App on Google play store. The app is also available on Appstore. 

How To Login Equity Mobile App

There are three ways you can login to the app; 

  • Password 
  • Face Recognition 
  • Fingerprint 

What One Can Do With Equity Mobile App

With the app installed, one can do the following; 

  • Open an account 
  • View account balances 
  • Download account statements 
  • Buy Airtime 
  • Pay Bills
  • Block Lost Cards
  • Borrow Loans
  • Repay Loans
  • Transfer Money

Equity Mobile Supported Languages 

Equity Mobile App supports a wide range of languages. The following languages are supported; 
  1. English 
  2. Kiswahili 
  3. French
  4. Kinyarwanda
  5. 中文
If you have questions about the app or need assistance in any way kindly Contact Equity Bank


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