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Creditmoja Loan App APK Download and Apply For Loans, Repay Via Mpesa, Contacts

Creditmoja Loan App

Credit Moja is a digital loan app providing fast, reliable and affordable mobile loans through Mpesa in Kenya. The app is managed by Creditmoja Limited. 

 Credit Moja Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

Credit Moja terms and conditions are many and can be found with the app. The most important though are the interest rates, loan amounts and repayment tenure.

The mobile lender provide loans ranging from ksh 2500 all the way up to ksh 50,000 instantly disbursed to the borrower's Mpesa account. 

What's Credit Moja interest rates? Credit Moja charges an interest rate from 10% to 50% per year. 

To start accessing loans from this lender, kindly Download Creditmoja App from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Pay Credit Moja Loans

The repayment period for Credit moja loans is from a minimum of 91 days and up to a maximum of 180 days.

When the loan repayment is due, borrowers can pay from within the app without using Creditmoja Paybill number.

Who owns Credit Moja 

The app is owned by Credit Moja Limited, a company registered in Kenya.

Credit Moja Contacts 

To get help customers can reach out to CreditMoja customer Care via the following contact below. Note,there are no mobile phone numbers at the moment though;

Creditmoja Email Address 




  1. I don't know your pay bill number

  2. Pliz give me ua pay bill number coz the app iz not working n my loan is almost the due date

  3. How can I get my loan?

  4. Credi moja how can i borrow 5000 of which i was to get 4320 then suddenly i'm told to pay 6000 with a message following even before withdrawing my loan.can you review my loan.I'm so much dissappointed by credt moja.

  5. I paid ksh 168 to BM HOLDING for me t qualify for a loan.but when logged in again to past the M-PESA message, it was not no.0746335366..please help.
    QL57EP7RP9 Confirmed.Ksh168.00 paid to BM HOLDINGS.On 5/12/2022 at 10:15AM.New M-PESA balance is Ksh439.00.Transaction cost Ksh0.00


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