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Chapaa ChapChap loan app

Chapaa ChapChap - the app provides fast and secure mobile personal online loans via M-Pesa instantly. The app is managed by Chapaa254.

Chapaa ChapChap Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The lender gives loans ranging from ksh 500 to ksh 50, 000 instantly via Mpesa. 

Chapaa ChapChap charges an interest of 1.3% per month or 16% per year. There's no service fees charged.

Note; the app contains ads according to Google play store. Proceed only if you're fine with advertisements. 

To start using the app kindly Download Chapaa ChapChap App from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Repay Chapaa ChapChap Loans 

The repayment period is from 91 days to 365 days being the longest duration to pay the loans. When the loan is due a borrower can pay from within the app without using Chapaa ChapChap Paybill number. 

If you like videos, check chappaa loan app video on Loans vLog channel.



How to Contact Chapaa ChapChap 

Email to;



  1. I want to register in order to get Aloan, but I don't understand well what you are giving me here as instructions please help me to understand it well.l also want my password?

  2. My limit is how much

    1. My loan limit is how much

    2. Limit yangu naoyeswaa ni 8,000 is true?

  3. How much is my loan limit

  4. How do apply for chappa loan


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