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25 Legit Loan Apps in Kenya

Loan apps in Kenya

There are hundreds of loan apps in Kenya some doing what is right by providing fast affordable mobile loans while others appear questionable.

It is a common phenomenon to find scammers tarnishing a good business idea especially if the idea is beneficial to many and its lucrative. You can read how DCI exposed some of the fake app characteristics to avoid becoming a victim. 

As per this article, legit loan apps will mean those that have the following characteristics ; 
  • Provide real loans as promised. 
  • Charge affordable fees
  • Collect overdue loans friendly 
  • Listen to customer complaints 
  • Don't ask for unnecessary fees
  • Have known Contact details 
  • Among other good qualities...

25 Trusted Loan apps In Kenya 

Am only going to include those apps a tried myself and found to be legit.  There might be other loan apps out there which are doing fine. 

Note; not all apps missing in this list are fake; 
  1. Tala app 
  2. Branch International app 
  3. Timiza app
  4. Zenka Loan App
  5. PesaPap 
  6. Hf Whizz 
  7. Haraka Loan App
  8. Saida Loan App
  9. Shika Loan App
  10. Okash loan app
  11. Opesa loan app
  12. iPesa loan App
  13. FlashPesa Loan App
  14. PesaFlash Loan App
  15. Stawika Loan App
  16. Credit Hela loan app
  17. KashWay loan app
  18. LionCash loan app
  19. PesaZone Loan App
  20. HiKash loan app
  21. Kuwazo Loan App
  22. Scoppe Loan App
  23. Afrikaloan 
  24. Vooma 
  25. Stawi 


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