Safaricom eSIM Services - Everything You Need To Know

Safaricom eSIM

 With Safaricom eSIM you can switch between up to 10 Safaricom lines (numbers) all in one mobile phone. 

This service enables one to switch a business number and a personal number in one device without removing and inserting different SIM cards. 

How Much Does eSIM costs 

The service costs kes 150 for a customer with existing registered Safaricom lines. It will however cost kes 250 for anyone who intends to register a new Safaricom line during connection to eSIM services. 

How to Join Safaricom eSIM services. 

To start using this new service by the telco, you'll need to visit the nearest Safaricom retail outlet to sign up.

Which Devices Can Use eSIM services 

The service is only available to devices which are eSIM enabled. Most of the mobile phones which have this capability are iPhones and the latest Samsung smartphones. 


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