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NHIF - How To Migrate From Card To Biometric

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NHIF has introduced biometric ,a new convenient and secure way to access services when the medical need arises.

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a nationwide medical insurer backed by the government which helps members to enjoy healthcare funding when they or relatives fall sick. 

Previously, NHIF used to issue Cards to members. Whenever a member got sick he/she must produce that card to get services from an approved NHIF healthcare institution. This is what NHIF is replacing with the Biometric system. 

With the NHIF card someone would use even without the consent of the cardholder which was bringing alot of problems with the way claims were happening. With the Biometric system, this will be tamed.

How To Migrate To NHIF Biometric system 

This service is now open for members to do the migration by visiting any NHIF centre. 


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