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I&M Bank Paybill Number

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I&M Bank Kenya

I&M Bank Mpesa Paybill number is 542542 and it the no. which connects the bank to Safaricom's Mpesa services. 

I&M Bank M-Pesa Paybill No.


This Paybill number is very important when it comes to sending money from Mpesa to the bank. 

How to Deposit Money to I&M Bank Account from Mpesa 

Using the I&M Bank mpesa Paybill no. 542542, one can deposit Cash into an I&M Bank account. A person can choose to send money to his/her account or even to another person's I&M Bank account. 

Here is the process;

  • Go to Mpesa menu 
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 542542 (I&M Bank Paybill)
  • Enter the I&M Bank account you wish to deposit Cash to.
  • Enter amount you intend to send to the bank account. 
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm and submit. 
After successful send the money ,you'll get an Mpesa message confirming the same. If the bank account is yours and connected to your number, you'll also get a deposit alert.


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