New Loan Apps In Kenya 2023

New loan apps Kenya

 Most borrowers are not aware of the new loan apps in Kenya. In this article I will list the most recently launched loan apps providing fast mobile loans via M-Pesa. 

For years people have been using popular loan apps like Tala, Branch International, Timiza, Haraka,Saida loan app, Okash, Opesa, PesaFlash, FlashPesa, Zenka loan app just to mention but a few. Today there are a number of new apps which are also providing quick personal loans in Kenya. 

The new loan apps are not much different from the old one. The loan amounts are an average of between KES 1000 and KES 50,000 while the repayment period is also around one month to a year .

As usual, to start accessing loans from the apps you'll need to download the loan apps create your account using your Safaricom number which must have an active Mpesa account. 

There have been and still even among the new loan apps, some apps may ask for some fees upfront in the name of registration fees, appraisal fees, facilitation fees, KYC fees, CRB fees and more.  My advice still remains : never pay any fees online to get loans unless you're comfortable to do that.

New Online Loan Apps In Kenya 

The list can be very long and I can't exhaust it, but these are lucky one which I came across on Google play store. I made reviews about these loan apps already.  You can search for the apps on this website Loans Kenya 

  1. MyKes loan app
  2. Coopesa loan app
  3. OhCash loan app
  4. CreditPro loan app
  5. MoreKash loan app
  6. Apesa loan app 
  7. MiniKash loan app
  8. LendPlus loan app
  9. KashPlus loan app
  10. Tallah Plus loan
  11. Air Credit loan app
  12. Kashbean loan app
  13. Ahili loan app 
  14. Cashways loan app
  15. LoanPesa loan App


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