3 Best Boda Boda Motorbike Logbook Loan Providers In Kenya


Boda boda Logbook loans

Can I get a boda boda logbook loan? Which lenders provide Motorbike logbook loans in Kenya. 

Just like a car logbook, a boda boda motorcycle logbook can also be used to secure a loan from some lenders in the a market. 

Depending on the value of the motorbike, most of the lender will give up to 80% the current value of the boda boda. For example a boda valued at ksh 100,000 can help the owner get up to ksh 80,000 as loan.

Its unfortunate though that despite having a large number motorbikes spread all over the country, most lenders don't like considering these as the perfect collateral against loans.

In this article am going to list the few lender who can actually accept boda boda as security to get loans in Kenya. In addition to the motorbike logbook, these lenders may ask for a guarantor.

3 Lenders Providing Loans Against Boda Boda Logbooks In Kenya 

These are the lenders currently providing fast boda boda logbook loans;

1. Mogo Kenya 

Call 0768 469 112

2. Diversity MicroCredit 

Call 0730 020 000

3. Kopesha

Call 0743 350 085



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