How To Get HELB Loan Overpayment Refund


Helb Loan refund

How can I get a refund for overpaying my Helb loan? Is my Helb loan excess payment lost? These are some of the questions some of the former beneficiaries of the HELB loans ask.

Helb loan overpayment happens especially when an employer is involved in making the Helb loan deductions from employees salaries. It's the easiest and most effective way recommended by Helb as it ensures no beneficiary escapes loan repayment. 

There are other ways though of making your Helb loan repayment. These include; 

How to Get Helb Loan Refund 

Now when overpayment occurs, it's your right to claim what was paid as excess. Note that the refund will be from Helb and not your employer.

There are two ways to claim your money from Helb;

1. Visit Helb Offices at the Anniversary Towers in Nairobi 

When you visit the offices Helb officials will assist you on how to get a refund of the overpayment. The office is situated at the 9th floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way ,Nairobi. 

2. Apply For Helb Loan Refund Online 

Here are the steps to follow;
  • You'll have to Download Helb Loan Recovery Enquiry form 
  • Fill the form appropriately. 
  • Get your bank details especially from your ATM.
  • Scan both your ATM and filled in Helb Loan Recovery form
  • Prepare an email asking for a refund and attach the scanned copies 
  • Send to

After send your email to Helb, you'll have to wait for sometime to receive the refund. It can take 60 days or more.


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