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Coopesa loan app

Coopesa is an online loans lenders providing money to Kenyans with smartphones via M-Pesa. The app is managed by Coopesa.

Coopesa Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The mobile money lender provides loans ranging from ksh 2,000 to ksh 50,000 instantly via M-Pesa. 

Coopesa interest is up to 36% APR. 

Coopesa loan app download

To start accessing loans from this lender, kindly Download Coopesa app from Google play store and create your account.

Pay Coopesa loans

The shortest repayment period is 91 days while the longest repayment duration is after 180 days. Repayment is done within the app without using Coopesa Paybill number 

Coopesa loan customer care contacts

Customers can reach out to Coopesa customer care via the following contacts;

Coopesa Mobile phone number 

  • Call 0741948368
Coopesa Email address 



  1. I express utter disappointment against Coopesa. Someone gave out my contacts as guaranteeing a loan and Coopesa never informed me . I guess 3veryoje has a right to information. Then that threaten me that if I fail to pay they shall take charge of my mpesa account. I don't understand this at all I need explanation coz next time it will happen to someone else

  2. How can I get money from you guys its urgent

  3. This are conmen they keep sending text to my contacts despite not having any loan with them then claim it's the system.

  4. Enter your comment...I was informed yesterday that my number was used by someone as a guarantor to borrow loans and she has denied to repay yet this is my new line I registered some days back,so I don't know even the person they are taking about ,please search for the loaned person

  5. I paid my loan and cleared have not received any message but now am surprised that they are sending sms to people I don't even know telling them that they are my guarantors this is very unfair do you have evidence to prove this ireally don't like this approach of your

  6. has the app changed


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