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Air Credit Loan App - How to Download, Apply for loans, Repay via M-Pesa, Contacts

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Air Credit loan app

Air Credit app provides fast mobile personal loans in Kenya via Mpesa. The app is managed by Tech Project. 

Air Credit Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

This mobile money lender provides kes 5,000 as the minimum loan amount and kes 50,000 as the maximum loan amount a borrower can get instantly. 

The interest rate Air Credit charges is 18% per annum. 

Kindly note ; According to the reviews on Google play store, the app asks for registration fees. If you're okay with that ,you can proceed. 

To start accessing loans from this lender, Download Air Credit app from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Repay Air Credit Loans

The repayment duration for loans acquired from this mobile money provider is between 3 months and 12 months. 

When the repayment date is due, a borrower can pay from within the app without using Air Credit  Mpesa Paybill number. 

How to Contact Air Credit Customer Care 

There are no mobile phone numbers at the moment. Kindly use the ways listed below to Contact Air Credit held desk;

  • Email;
  • Visit Landmark Plaza, 13th floor, Nairobi, Kenya 


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  1. I have requested for a loan. and paid sh.199 and they have notyet return

  2. I have requested for a loan and paid sh.299 and I have not received the money

  3. I paid 399 in request for a loan but got nothing yet, yy??

  4. and sem to me i paid 399 and still i didn't get the lon is this how you pple do

  5. Please its not fare enough ..what you are doing is not good..i curse you aircredit ..may this company fall

  6. Stupid people...they are scammers 299/= is not money eat it

  7. Stupid app full of stupid people scammong kenyans money be advised they will just scam you i promose i will ashame you air credit

  8. Why you aircredit scamming people? If you don't give them the loan why you take there money for free..that not good anymore you know free money never pay a blessing however curse pay the free that shit of you scammers

  9. stupid app its just ascammm ...any one reading this take note

  10. This is a direct scum I personally paid this through fuliza because I am in a mess and you are just enjoying my money. Only God knows

  11. Jambo katana,mbona hii loan inachelewa beans katana,na tunaitaji kufanya KAZI nazo,so kama itawezekana uniwekee Mimi,lakini kama pesa ndio hakuna unirudishie sangu 299 nijaribu kungine,asanti bro du that farster

    1. Sorry,I only do loan app reviews. I don't take anybody's money.
      Kindly use the above contact in the article to ask for refund from Air Credit.

  12. I send money but I don't get feedback