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Amira Loan App - How To Download, Apply For Loans,Repay Via M-Pesa, Contacts

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Amira Loan App

Amira loan app is a mobile money lender platform where customers can take fast loans via M-Pesa. Tha app is managed by Amira Capital. 

Note ; As per the reviews on Google play store, this app asks for a fee before one can borrow loans. Proceed only if you're comfortable with it. 

Amira Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

Before you can start borrowing loans you must first Download Amira Loan App from Google play store and create your account. 

After successful creating your account, the app will give you a loan limit.  Amira loans range between kes 500 to kes 100,000 disbursed instantly to a qualified borrower's M-Pesa wallet. 

Amira loans are charged a 26% interest rate. 

How to Repay Amira Loans

The repayment period for loans from this mobile money lender is between 91 days and 360 days. 

Repayment is done from within the app. There's no need to use Amira Paybill Number. Mpesa is integrated in the app.

How Contact Amira Loan Customer Care 

These are the Amira Loan Contacts;

  • Mobile phone number; +254 103840663
  • Email;


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