How To Send Money To Kenya Via Talkremit - Mpesa, Dahabshiil, Bank


Talkremit money transfer

Talkremit is a trusted worldwide money transfer company popularly used by those in Europe to send money to other countries like Kenya. 

Kenyans living in European nations can safely and confidently use Talkremit to send money home and its fast. 

Sending money to Kenya through Talkremit 

With Talkremit, a Kenyan in Europe can instantly send cash back home to friends, family or for investment. You can send money directly to  Mpesa, bank account or a pickup point like Dahabshiil.

Someone abroad need to create a Talkremit account either on Talkremit website or via Talkremit App

After the account is setup, one can deposit cash via credit card, debit card or bank transfer. After depositing money ,one can then send cash to friends and family instantly. 

How To Receive Talkremit Money in Kenya 

Money send to Kenya via Talkremit can be received via any of the following three ways as specified by the sender abroad;

  • Via Mpesa 
  • Via Bank 
  • Via Dahabshiil

Talkremit to Mpesa 

Money sent from outside Kenya via Talkremit through Mpesa will be directly be deposited into the recipient Mpesa account instantly. 

 Banks Recommended for Talkremit money Transfer 

These are the Kenyan banks that have a partnership with Talkremit  and it's where money sent from abroad can be received directly into the recipient bank account;
  • Equity Bank
  • Cooperative Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank 
  • Absa Bank ( formerly Barclays Bank)

Talkremit Approved Cash Pickup Points 

In addition to Dahabshiil, Talkremit money can be collected as cash from the following kenyan banks too; 
  • Equity Bank 
  • DTB
  • National Bank 
  • Cooperative Bank


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